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Continuing from 'Hush' last week, Buffy and Riley argue a little regarding secrets kept from one another. She tells him she is the Slayer and he obviously has never heard of one. They decide to give their relationship some time and space, but an cuts their conversation short. Riley is thrilled at his first 'quake' but Buffy is concerned that the earthquiake signifies the end of the world; going on her previous experience. She tries to convince Giles who is more concerned with the Initiative but Buffy (not wanting Giles to know Riley's secret) tries to avoid the conversation and harps on the end of the world issue. She turns out to be right.

Xander and Spike experience the earthquake in the basement which causes pipes to leak. As Xander is going to work as a pizza delivery guy, he instructs Spike to clean up, do some washing and fix the pipes. Spike's answer is to try to hit Xander on the head with a monkey wrench but the effort causes great pain in his head.

At Initiative HQ, Riley asks Forrest what a Slayer is. Forrest replies that it's a myth. Meanwhile Willow attends an after-shock party in one of the dorms and comes across Percy who she used to tutor at Sunnydale High. However he leaves her feeling alone when she overhears him tell his girlfriend that she's a nerd. She retreats to a bedroom only to realise she's next to a corpse that's been slashed by a demon.

Giles researches the murder and realises that a sign carved into the chest of the victim symbolises the end of the earth. Vahrall demons need 3 sacrifices, the Word of Valios and blood which they took from the victim to open up the Hellmouth at Sunnydale High (or what's left of it) and bring about the end of the earth. Riley shares some Initiative info and Buffy expresses that she can't risk his life. Giles realises too late that he had the Word of Valios and the demons get it from him.

In the funniest scene of the ep, Xander returns to his basement to find the pipes still leaking and Spike wearing an Hawaiian shirt, lamenting the shrinkage of his clothes. It's obvious just how non-threatening Spike has become and he goes with Willow and Xander to help the gang because they are afraid to leave him alone because he's tried to jump on a stake and suicide without success!

The Scooby Gang and Riley go to Sunnydale High and find 3 demons there finishing the ritual. They realise that the demons intend to sacrifice themselves and whilst Buffy and Riley save the day, Spike is elated at the prospect that he can hurt demons without his head hurting.

The final scene shows Willow and Xander trying to watch TV through Spike who's saying that they should go out and hunt demons…they don't need Buffy. The last line? Spike saying, "Oh come on"!

I've got to say this episode had it all in terms of wit, scare factor and action but I really do feel more and more that Spike 'makes' the show now. The Riley/Buffy relationship is definitely progressing towards something more serious but it doesn't hold the same charisma as the Buffy/Angel one. However, I guess that's the point. I definitely love Spike's inclusion, albeit unwanted, in the Scooby Gang's goings on!

Regular characters: Spike, Anya, Xander, Willow, Buffy, Giles, Riley

Villain: Vahrall demon

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