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Something Blue

Willow's despair over the departure of Oz from Sunnydale reaches desparation point, at which she performs a 'will' spell wanting the hurt to go away. Instead her 'will' causes Giles to go blind after she exclaims that he just doesn't see. Xander becomes a demon magnet when Willow states that he is one, and Buffy and Spike fall in love and get engaged because Willow believes that they might aswell given all the time they spend together.

One of the best scenes consists of Buffy and Spike kissing whilst a repulsed Giles laments; that he can still hear them! As the two are all over one another and plan their wedding, the demon D'Hoffryn notices Willow's spellcasting and the chaos ensuing, and transports her to his realm to offer to transform her into a demon. He last did this with Anya who was a disappointment and he sees promise in Willow's negativity. She declines, stating that she never meant all of this harm and is transported back.

Meanwhile, Xander and Anya are having great trouble fighting off the demon hordes that keep appearing around them and Riley comes across a love-smitten Buffy looking at wedding dresses, who tells him that she is engaged to a much older man (although not as old as her last boyfriend).

Willow reverses the spell, causing Buffy and Spike to find themselves kissing. They are both disgusted, wiping their mouths with Buffy exclaiming, "Ewww, Spike's lips!! Lips of Spike!!" and Spike yelling, "Oh bloody hell"!! The next day, Buffy must tell a very confused Riley that she made the whole thing up, much to hie relief.

Of note in this episode is the appearance of Amy who is briefly transformed from her rat-form to the young woman on Willow's bed and back again just as fast without anyone noticing. Perhaps she will appear in future episodes. One can only hope so as I liked her character.

The main message of this episode would have to be that a person can hurt others that they love when they are grieving…oh and also that Buffy and Spike don't belong together no matter how cute they may be J

Definitely one of the best eps all season with the Buffy/Spike interactions being the highlight.

Regular characters: Spike, Anya, Xander, Willow, Buffy, Giles

Special appearance: Amy

Villain: D'Hoffryn demon (and to some extent; Willow)

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