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About Claddagh
(or how I came to be such a Buffy fanatic):

  Okay here's where I tell you a little bit about myself and you all think either " This person's got problems" or "Yeah I can deal with that". *g*

  My sister used to watch BtVS and go on about it....I used to mock her wondering how she could watch a show with such a stupid name. One day, as you've probably guessed, she made me sit down and watch it but it wasn't a particularly good ep so I didn't take to it. About 2 months later, when there was nothing else on TV, I watched it and I've been hooked ever since. If I were to list what I loved so much about the show, it would have to be the characters of course. They have such depth. I also enjoy the storylines, the action and humour. It perfectly mixes teenage angst with such experiences as great friendships, learning experiences, life's trials and supernatural monsters :) And I'm sure everyone of us can identify with at least one of the characters.  

   My favourite characters are: Buffy, Angel, Giles, Jenny and Spike. My favourite episodes are many and include Angel, Becoming 1/2, Surprise/Innocence, Passion, The Zeppo, and The Wish. In case you haven't guessed, I'm a B/A 'shipper *g*  

  I started to collect BtVS items when I came across  Ebay - they have a huge range of BtVS items up for auction every day and you can get things for great prices for the most part. I then started checking out Powerstar Merchandise and Another Universe com . I have an extensive range of collectibles ranging from autographed cast photos to magazines, rare uncut trading card sheets and books.  

   So why the website? The idea came about whilst on the Buffy Chat Board at The Bronze (which incidentally I came across by accident and have been a regular on ever since). A fellow Bronzer and great friend of mine, SpookyMagoo suggested a new Bronze club for Buffy fans who collect all things Buffy in an out of control kind of way. Hence our club was born....  


If you would like to join our Club....just e-mail us, and feel free to let us know how you came to be a fan also :)


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