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The Posting Board Party 2000

Every year the Posting Board Committee organise a party for Bronzers and members of the BtVS/Angel cast and crew to get together all in the name of charity. This year was no different and the event was held at the El Rey Theatre in Hollywood. The following photos are all taken by the illustrious SpookyMagoo!

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Emma(Anya) and Nicky(Xander) Larry Joss(genius) and Marc(Riley) Leonard Buffy main street set at night
Joss and cast/crew on stage Darling Violetta XG,SaratheBrown,thySlayer,SpookyMagoo.. FYG,XG,Myst,AjO.. PBP Committee at the Key Club
Manx and AjO in front of sound stage 6 where Angel is shot Angel set SpookyMagoo at Paramount SpookyMagoo and Larry SpookyMagoo and Emma
SpookyMagoo and Danny(Jonathan) FYG carrying Joss! X-Lander,Aly,SpookyMagoo and Alexis Marc,Aly,Alexis and Mysterious Bronzer Anthony Stewart Head(Giles)

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