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About SpookyMagoo
(or how I got into Buffy the Vampire Slayer):

   Well, my sis got me into BtVS.  Came home one day after work and saw my sis
            watching this show that was very dark...literally.  The screen was practically
            black.  I thought the tv was off and she was amusing herself til I heard voices.
           Then I realized that she was watching something.  So I sat down and watched
            this show with this blond teenager kicking butt.  I thought "Cool!  A
            teenager kicking some serious ass on tv.  I can watch this."  And have been
            since the first epi.  The highlight of my week is watching Buffy.  Nothing is
            ever scheduled on Buffy Tuesdays, calls are not taken, and dinner is eaten
            before so that I don't miss a thing.

    I think of the cast of characters as a food dish.  Every character is a special
            ingredient, mix them altogether and you get this superb show that you can't get
            enough of.  Not only that but the writing and the direction add that extra spice
            that makes it a killer show.  Here's a show that many can relate to, whether
            you're 12 or 52.  The everyday life of the characters and the tribulations of
            life they go through, touch each of us in a different way.  I like this show
            because here are a group of teenagers that aren't part of the
            "popular" crowd.  Shows today and shows of yesteryear tell viewers
            that in order to be hip, and cool you have to be popular.  You have to have a
            million friends and be recognized everywhere where you go, and that being normal, or
            unpopular is not cool and hip.  Here's a group of people who are who they are
            and they are cool, and hip in their own way.  They don't conform nor do they
            want to conform to the norm.  And that in itself is cool.

    Fave episodes?  Definitely Hush from this year.  It had that horror quality that
            you don't see much and with a bit of humour, it was priceless.  I'd also have to
            say Passion, Angel, Bad Girls, Faith, Hope & Trick, Earshot, Living
            Conditions, Witch, Halloween, I Only Have Eyes for You, Dopplegangland.


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