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As of April, 2000

Marc Blucas who plays Riley in BtVS28th April, 2000
* There's been updates in between but I've been behind :) Moved web site addresses for expansion.
* Added items on James Marsters, Four Star Mary, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more to news section
* Re-arranged galleries into specific cast member pages and added more pictures
* Added Four Star Mary appearances, video and tour information to Bands Page
* Updated Members Only pages

14th June, 2000
* I's been too long but I'm in the process of fixing all the links/images etc. that are now creating problems for me.
* Added the latest gig dates, news, etc. for Four Star Mary and Velvet Chain on the bands page
* More news on David's first movie, James Marsters convention in Australia and more on the news page

12th July, 2000
* Updated pages...all one uniform colour and style now.
* Added David and Sarah info to news page.
* Added pics of Charisma, David and Angel cast to galleries.

20th July, 2000
* Added Tara, Oz, Xander, and Willow pics to their galleries.
* Added Buffy & Angel pics to B/A gallery.
* Added pics of Anya, Giles and other cast to galleries.

27th July, 2000
* Lots of news including the latest Buffy awards, Joss' opinion, Buffy's sister? and more.
* The new Moore Action Collectibles Buffy action figures are set to be released including Giles, Oz, Xander and Cordelia. Check out the link from the Merchandise page.

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