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Out-of-Control Buffy Shrine-rs - Bands/Music Information
Bands & Music Information

For American Buffy Fans:
Velvet Chain The air date for Erika's appearance on "Win Ben Stein's Money" is Thursday, May 17th at 7:30 PM (Eastern and Pacific). This TV show airs on Comedy Central, and Erika does NOT disappoint according to Velvet Chain.

Velvet Chain's Enhanced Live CD has been mentioned in "ProSound" (a recording-industry magazine) alongside Eric Clapton's album "Reptile," Shawn Colvin's album "Whole New You," and other major releases notable for their innovative production and recording techniques. Isn't that great?! For info on VC's Enhanced Live CD, go HERE.

The band has established a VC Street Team program, and currently has over 75 "VC Street Teamers" all over the world handing out Velvet Chain stickers and telling people to go to the website and check out the band. So support them by being one yourself and check out the VC Street Team Page HERE.

Velvet Chain's name and likeness appears in the first edition of a new Buffy-themed comic book called "Willow and Tara." The issue is called, "WannaBlessedBe." To see what it looks like, here's the LINK.

Velvet Chain and Freak Records have been working hot and heavy on their newest idea... the "Custom Velvet Chain Album..." where you can order personalized, custom-made Velvet Chain CD's with your own song and artwork choices. Its taking a long time but you will actually be able to order one of these customized CD's in late May or early June via the official website.

Several Velvet Chain songs have been used in a recently completed indie film called "Just Plain Fate," which is currently being worked to the festival circuit by its producers. Also, the recently completed indie film, "Smack," starring Erika Amato as "Mr. Snooper," will debut at the Flix on 66 Film Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 18th, 2001. A website for this film will be up soon apparently.

The band has already recorded some very cool tracks for the next full-length Velvet Chain studio album, slated for release in November.

The new full-length CD "Moody Groove Music" is now available EXCLUSIVELY on the Velvet Chain website. Visit to order online as this is the only place that you are able to purchase the CD. VC have managed to keep the price down by doing so and postage is more than reasonable no matter where you are in the world! Hear samples from the album online. 3 of the new songs are now available in MP3 format for download. So try before you buy.

Erika Amato and Velvet Chain have won two internet music awards from Erika won Best Vocal Performance for Velvet Chain's new single, "My One Desire," (the only studio track from the band's recent enhanced live album). Erika won with 7,342 votes.

In addition, Velvet Chain won for Artist of the Year, with 8,240 votes.

For more information, see Flick Music

New things on the Velvet Chain Website: New animated splash page with music. New items in the VC Store, including a new style VC T-Shirt and new posters. New items in the "Oddities" section, including Erika hanging out with Bono (sort of) and Jeff Stacy hanging out with Buzz Lightyear. See Velvet

New product in the works! Soon you will be able to order your own, customized "Best of Velvet Chain" CD with 14 Velvet Chain songs YOU pick, in the order YOU say, with YOUR name included in the artwork. This is going to be a very cool thing. More info coming...

Velvet Chain went into the studio in late March to begin recording the band's next album. It will be recorded in several sessions over the next few months. The target release date is November 1, 2001. To see where Velvet Chain does a lot of its recording, go to

Upcoming Gigs

May 21: 14 Below, Santa Monica, 9:00 PM, Monday, May 21 This will be a stripped-down, acoustic show with Erika, Jeff, and various members of the band. No cover charge.

June 16: Key Club, in Hollywood, 9:00 PM, Saturday, June 16 This is an All Ages show.

June 17th: NoHo Festival in North Hollywood, Sunday, June 17 Time to be announced. This is an all ages, free, 2-day outdoor festival event with 40 bands and several stages. More details available soon in the Concert Calendar on the VC website: HERE.

For more info, visit the Velvet Chain Website

For those not familiar with Velvet Chain...they have appeared in the Bronze on Buffy in a few episodes. They performed "Strong" in the episode "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date", a song which is on the Buffy Soundtrack.

Drop into the Bronze - at the official Buffy website to catch Erika Amato (lead singer of Velvet Chain) and other band members like Jeff drop in and chat to fans...

Darling Violetta

Darling ViolettaYou have to listen to these guys to believe their great music. They perform the Angel theme song (which is absolutely wonderful and had better come out on a Buffy/Angel CD!) and have performed on Buffy also.

Darling Violetta Are:
Cami Elen - Vocals
Jymm Thomas - Guitar
Atto Attie - Bass
Steve McManus - Drums
Gerri Sutyak - Electric Cellist

To check out their website Click Here. Steve informed us that they have now put up a special flash intro on the site that leads to a Bronzer gig that they are doing in August so go and check it out!

Their "Kill You Ep" is now available. Visit the website for more details and you can also view pics of their gigs and don't forget to check out the Buffy Chronicles page for the band's own description of their appearance on Buffy, and pictures too!

See The Spoiled & Rotten video at the Home Office: all you need is RealPlayer & a little patience. Lots of people have been logging on to watch & video streams are woefully limited, so if at first (or second) you don't succeed, try, try again. Plus more songs have been added at mp3 com, including an unreleased rocker that's only available there. Check them out

Four Star Mary

Four Star MaryThese guys are the talented band who provide the music for Oz's fictitious band "Dingoes Ate my Baby". Many of their songs have appeared in Buffy eps and they have played at the Posting Board Parties. To visit their website for great features like song downloads, go HERE.

Four Star Mary Are:
Tad Loony - Vocals
Michael Zufelt - Guitar
David McClellan - Guitar
Steve Carter - Bass
Chris Sobchack - Drums

One of their best known songs is "Pain" which appears (the Slayer Mix) on the Buffy Soundtrack. Keep checking out their website for free show tickets and the like that are offered sometimes.

ZU, of FSM has joined the Shrine-rs to become our first VIP member...with a donation to the Cyber-shrine of the band itself! Special thanks to him and the guys for their support :)

The guys are trying to get on the Farmclub show but to do so, we the fans, need to vote for them to show that we want to see them! So what can you do? Click on this LINK to vote. The song that is being featured for FSM on the site is "Dilate". You can listen to it in MP3 format so enjoy and vote. The band have stated that it would mean a lot to them so let's show them we love them J

Great news! Some of the members of FSM are finally going to appear on Buffy with a surprise special guest!! ZU informed us that this will be happening but of course, we don't know final details. Keep an eye out.

The video for "Dilate", the first single off their second album "Thrown to the Wolves", is nearly completed. It was actually directed by John King, the musical supervisor for Buffy and Angel! Download it now from their site or via the Farmclub voting site as above under 'news'.

FSM will be performing in Los Angeles, Arizona, Northern California and Las Vegas in the next few months. They are also embarking on their first UK tour in August through to September. Visit their site for actual dates. Special thanks again to ZU for the info and all the Buffy Shrine-rs wish FSM every success with the single release and upcoming tours :)

For those hoping for a second Buffy soundtrack, it is now in the planning. Let's hope that we'll see the Buffy essential songs like "Sugar Water" by Cibo Matto (from the When She Was Bad ep), and "I'll Remember You" by Sophie Zelmani (from the Angel ep)
NEWSFLASH! From Circe (thanks!):

Fox recently decided to postpone the release of the BtVS music score soundtrack indefinitely. Fox believes the fans aren't interested in a Buffy score CD, we need to convince them we are. If they get a pile of letters, it WILL make a difference. For more information and a sample letter, go to the Save the Score Website.

For those preferring to email Fox Music, the URL is below. Snail mail is still best, because letters take effort & expense and impress TPTB more. But for anyone who's already written a letter, is overseas, or can't find the time, email can be sent to Fox. At the beginning of the email, please type: ATTN: Geoff Bywater, Robert Kraft. And then tell them how much you want this music and how long you've waited for it! Include your city & state/country and your email address (if you want a response) with your signature. Email Fox Music HERE.

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