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Cast & Crew Interviews

David Boreanaz as Angel Want to read the latest interviews with the Buffy/Angel cast and crew? Then look no further for the best and latest out there...

* NEW!! 5/10/00 Claddagh the webmistress interviews Christopher Golden, the Watcher's Guide co-author about his favourite Buffy and Angel episodes, upcoming projects and what it's like to co-author books.

* Our very own member weirdarchives asks Buffy writer David Fury about writer's block, future plots and fan's reactions to characters such as Adam.

* Basketball player-turned actor, Marc Blucas talks about what it's like to try and fill the shoes of a 247-year old vampire, to Sci-Fi Weekly

* Marti Noxon (head writer and supervising producer on "Buffy", and consulting producer on "Angel") talks about the storylines of the shows we love!

* David Boreanaz talks about "Angel", his own production company, and his 'passion' for acting

* Seth Green tells all about his friendship with Ryan Phillipe, his career and how showbiz can leave you friendless

* Charisma Carpenter on growing up in Vegas, cheerleading, and family incidents

* The Man himself; Joss Whedon talks about anything he wants to including Oz, Spike and Faith

* Christophe Beck discusses the Buffy score, his favourite episode and how to become a composer

* Our very own Bronzer KAM talks with Claddagh about his involvement with the Posting Board Parties, what he likes about the shows and more

* Can Faith carry a show? Joss thinks so...

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