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Cynthia Bergstrom - BtVS Costuming Co-ordinatorNOW ORDERING IS SO MUCH EASIER...

For the very latest updates on newly released merchandise, check out the following info. By clicking on the word links towards the bottom of the page, you will see a picture of the item. If you like what you see...purchasing is easy, just click on the "buy it", "order now" or "add to shopping cart" link (depending on the merchandise site). As well as the latest items, this page will always list old favourites too. Many items such as the beanie bears and variant figures are limited so be quick to avoid missing out.

Master figure from Moore Action Collectibles Check out for all your Buffy/Angel needs and especially to order the Buffy Reflections cards set. Printed on unique Linen card stock, each image in this 72-card series is like a work of art on a mini-canvas and allows Inkworks to focus on characters and scenes that could not be produced in earlier releases. Buffy Reflections CardsIn addition to the mini-canvas cards, the series includes three levels of randomly inserted special bonus cards. These bonus cards include a 9 card all-foil puzzle collage featuring Buffy and friends, 6 different "journal entry" cards and autographed cards of your favorite characters! Get started with the box of 24 packs and save $16!

Don't forget to check out the going going gone section of for great specials on Buffy card sets, T-shirts, chalices and more!

If you join the Buffy Collector's Society, at Moore Action Collectibles you can pre-order Buffy figures including exclusive variants by Clay Moore. These are incredibly detailed and not to be missed for the serious collector!
SNEAK PREVIEW!! Click HERE to see the latest Buffy figures to be released including Xander, Oz, Cordelia and Giles!

Ebay is the place to go for all your autographed items!! There are always auctioned autographed trading cards and pictures at great prices. (Just do a search under Buffy auto) Remember you can also get unusual Buffy items at Ebay
such as press kits, scripts, light switch plates, mousepads, and more! If you want a cool utility to keep you notified of changes on Ebay, download it HERE.

Willow variant figure from Moore Action CollectiblesAnd if you can't get enough of Buffy have to go to the new Fandom Auctions site which AnotherUniverse has joined, offering Buffy collectors genre merchandise at even better prices. To celebrate the new "partnership" AnotherUniverse is putting items such as comics, action figures and cast pictures from $1 with no reserve! Don't miss out!

Powerstar Merchandise is a definite must see for the latest merchandise releases for both Buffy and Angel items. Latest items include the Buffy & Angel temporary tattoos, Angel 6 foot standup figure, pocket mirrors and the Supernatural Defense Kit. There are also lots of specials.
NEW! Check out the Buffy & Angel clocks...newly released!

The Buffy Store is now check out the official Buffy merchandise on line at the Official Buffy Website, Click Here

Angel vampiric variant from Moore Action CollectiblesLooking for a BtVS/Angel article or info on the cast? Do a Buffy Search at Sci-fi Weekly.

Check out the place where it all began at The Bronze. While there you can chat with other fans known as Bronzers, and maybe run into a VIP...

BtVS/Angel Merchandise at Another

BtVS Signed Lithograph of Buffy & the Master
SMG 2000 Calendar UK - 50% off!!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2000 Calendar - 50% off!!
Buffy comic #18 Photo cover
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Magazine #7
Buffy Pop Quiz
Buffy the Vampire Slayer S3 Photocards
Brooding Angel Gift Pack

BtVS/Angel Merchandise at Moore Action Collectibles

Buffy 6 inch figure
Angel figure
Willow figure
Master figure
Exclusive BuffyMAC variant
Exclusive Buffy Prom variant
Exclusive vampiric Angel variant
Exclusive Willow variant

BtVS/Angel Merchandise at Powerstar. Click HERE to enter the store as the items cannot be directly linked to below.

Sunnydale High Year Book
Limited edition Buffy beanie bears
Detailed Angel vinyl statue
1st City of Angel novel
Incredible limited edition Angel Becoming statue
Cult Times #52 magazine with lots of Angel
Angel shooter glass
Angel/Buffy lunchbox
Angel Magnets
Angel/Buffy 10 inch clock
Angel/Buffy watches
Buffy Photos
Icon Goblet
Angel Comics

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