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  • The Bronze, as we know over at the WB, is officially closed down but Joss Whedon (creator and producer of BtVS and Angel) has always assured the fans that there will be a 'Bronze' so in the mean time, visit Kristen's Emergency Board or the Joss Whedon Bulletin Board. banners are promoting the premiere (Oct 2) and they say something to the effect of "new network, new website, new episodes" all on the banner so keep an eye out! thanks to Little Willow as always :)

  • Marc Blucas, as we all know, has left Buffy to do a Mel Gibson film called We Were Soldiers Once...and Young. It has received a great review (for the script) over at Aint-it-Cool News HERE.

  • On Saturday April 14, Sarah Michelle Gellar announced her engagement to Freddie Prinze Jr. whom she met whilst filming I Know What You Did Last Summer back in 1997. The announcement took place at Sarah's 24th birthday celebrations and was confirmed by Freddie's publicist Matt Labov. The couple have been dating for nearly a year and are in the process of filming Scooby Doo together; a film adaptation of the wonderful cartoon.

  • For more the latest information about the Score CD - check out the Bands and Music page!

  • It seems that 20th Century Fox has postponed the BtVS score CD indefinitely. Yes, the CD that would have contained Chris Beck's Season 2-4 music from Becoming, Surprise/Innocence, The Wish/Doppelgangland, Amends, The Prom, and Graduation Day (Buffy's dream, Angel's poisoning, Buffy/Faith fight, Angel drinking Buffy, etc). Not to mention the 4th season music from Hush, Restless, TYG/WAY, the Willow/Oz theme etc. for which there are not and will never be any mp3s. So, unless Fox releases a score CD, we got none of that!

    Seems Sony Records was all eager & ready to go, and Fox put on the brakes, deciding to wait. Forever, apparently. Fox believes the fans aren't interested in a Buffy score CD, we need to convince them we are. If they get a pile of letters, it WILL make a difference. More info on who to write & what to say at:

    [ Save the Score! ]

  • NOTE: Filming would have already begun but you can still help! Amber Benson is preparing for her indepedent film CHANCE. It will show her talents not only as an actress, but as a director, writer and producer as well. She has no sponsors and the costs are, well, costing, so it's time for YOU to help!

    Thank BeMu, Mabb and Amber's mother for setting up this fabulous fundraiser. They will be selling an EXCLUSIVE signed 8x10 glossy photography of Amber in full director-mode. Send in $15 (or more!) to get a picture. This is not a studio shot from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from anything else - this is a way to thank those who support the film.

    Anyone who sends $50 (or more!) will not only receive the signed picture but will see his or her name in a special "thank you" list at the final credits of the film.

    * Make out check or money order to: Benson Entertainment, Inc. * Send the check or money order to the address below. (DO NOT send cash!) * Include your name and return address.

    Benson Entertainment, Inc. 14622 Ventura Blvd. Box #364 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-3600

    Filming starts in less than two weeks, and the pictures should start arriving less than two weeks after filming beings.

    Any further questions should be directed to to reach Mabb, Dianne and BeMu. Read the FAQ and Take a CHANCE on Amber!

  • Little Willow would like to remind everyone that they can visit the message boards as follows:
    Christopher Golden (Buffy writer) -
    (part of The Official Christopher Golden Website)

    Danny Strong (Jonathan on BtVS) -
    (part of The Official Danny Strong Website)

    Feel free to pass this message on to other regulars whom you're missing. (hint hint, email your fellow Golden fans / fellow Danny fans) Also PLEASE update your bookmarks and, if you have them linked at your website, PLEASE update your links ASAP. We don't want anyone to fall through the cracks! SPREAD THE WORD, especially at the Bronze. Thanks!

  • Anthony Stewart Head has signed on for a movie called "Metal God" along with Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston and Heidi Mark

  • He is also making an audio appearance...reading the new audiobook edition of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - THE VALIANT. Written by Michael Jan Friedman, the SIMON & SCHUSTER release chronicles young Starfleet Lieutenant Jean-Luc Picard's first command aboard the USS Stargazer.

    Nicholas Brendon
  • Nicolas Brendon may be involved with the next Star Wars movie...just a rumour at this stage

  • For those of you who have been waiting for a Buffy video game, the wait is almost over! Fox Interactive has announced that Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be coming to PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast, and PC CD-ROM in an action-packed game with all the action, fighting, drama and witty dialogue you have come to know and love on the show! The intense 3D game will take you to all of Buffy's favorite haunts, including Sunnydale High, the cemetery and the Bronze. The game is scheduled for a Fall 2000 release, so check your local video game retailers for details. For the full press release, click on the following link: HERE

  • James Marsters (Spike) is going to be in Sydney, Australia for the first Buffy Convention in May, 2001. If you are going to be in the area during that time, get more info and tickets go to the Friends of Science Fiction site HERE

    Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is starring in Andrew Fleming's new flick, The It Girl. She was also expected to headline James Toback's semi-autobiographical film Harvard Man. The film, according to a major studio's summary is about a Harvard philosophy major and basketball star who borrows $50,000 from his girlfriend (a Mafia princess played by SMG) to rebuild his family's home, destroyed by a tornado. Later, his girlfriend insists he must fix a basketball game for the money, and the student finds himself trapped between the mob and the FBI - all the while tripping psychedelically on LSD. Hmmm...interesting. However, recent rumour has it that she has said no to the project due to script problems and the shooting schedule interferes with Buffy. It now looks like she will star with Tim Allen in an upcoming comedy.

  • Sarah, Charisma, Eliza, Marti Noxon, Kristy Swanson, & Sophia pics and interviews are in the new "Women of Buffy" issue of Femme Fatales.Thanks Sarahscarl :)

    Four Star Mary
  • Some of the members of Four Star Mary will be appearing on Buffy with a surprise special guest star. Check out the Bands & Music Page for video and tour information. Their new video for the single "Dilate" off their second album "Thrown to the Wolves" is nearly finished. It was directed by the music supervisor for Buffy and Angel, John King.

  • Alyson Hannigan had a day at the races...driving in the Toyota ones to be exact. Check out the story, her diary and photos HERE

    David Boreanaz
  • David Boreanaz of Angel, is about to star in his first feature film. He has been cast as the lead in the Warner Bros. thriller Valentine. The movie is based on Tom Savages 1996 book Valentine: A Novel. David will play a college nerd who becomes the victim of a cruel practical joke by four women. Over 10 years later, he has become suave, handsome and successful, yet still seeks revenge by killing three of the four women on successive Valentines Days, leaving one more to slay in order to complete his vengeance. Shooting commences in Vancouver in mid-July for a 2001 Valentines Day release. It's about time he got a movie role if you ask me. He was set to star in another film prior to this but he stated in an interview with EOnline, "I was supposed to be doing a movie in Mexico City with Courtney Love and Kiefer Sutherland, called The Beat Generation. I was supposed to play Jack Kerouac, which would have been cool, but I couldn't get time off from the show."

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is finding the TV schedule really hard to keep, in an interview she did recently with Venice Magazine. "There never seemed to be enough time. There were never enough takes. I didn't get the script far enough in advance. Then, I thought, 'I used to be on a soap. I used to learn a script a day!' How quickly we forget."

  • WARNING=SPOILER: Buffy has a sister! According to Buffy (TV): Desert News has a little more info on the character of Dawn (to be seen in Series 5) after talking with writer David Fury. The character appears rather suddenly at the end of the first episode and is the focus of the second, though the mystery of her origin won't be heavily explained till about episode five. Fury says "Everyone has memories of her being a part of Buffy's life. They all know her. She's been living in the house all this time. It creates this very bizarre mystery that is not always the focus of the episode, it's just something that's underlying that. It leaves the audience wondering...but, for all intents and purposes, there is a Dawn Summers that has always lived and shared a house and shared parents (with Buffy)". The character will also be heavily tied in with this season's threat which Fury explains in cryptic detail: "I'll just say this - we're moving into 'god' territory...possibly something along the lines of The Powers That Be on 'Angel.' But more importantly, they're not just your run-of-the-mill demon-of-the-week or vampires looking to take control. They're pretty terrible and ancient and pretty all-powerful". Fans will also find out the meaning behind the phrase "'Little Miss Muffet' counting down from 730", a reference to Dawn which Faith (Eliza Dushku) made in a dream sequence in the third season finale "Graduation Day Part II". Thanks to 'TVsHenry'.

    Eliza Dushku
  • It is unlikely that Eliza Dushku (Faith the Vampire Slayer, on Buffy) will remain with the show, particularly to do a spin-off series of her own. In Eliza's own words, she has said, "In all truth, as much as I like doing BTVS, I would like to return to film work. Staying with the show is not what I want to do. I think I would like to test the waters in other places a little more. There are a lot of different scripts right now that I'm seeing. There's some good stuff out there, and there's obviously some really crappy stuff.So we're looking at different things, different parts. But no more teenagers."

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar received the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss with Selma Blair in the movie "Cruel Intentions". When accepting the award, Sarah said thanks to Selma for her "most rewarding on-screen kiss ever."

  • David Boreanaz made off with the 26th annual Sci-Fi "Saturn Award" for best Television Actor recently.

  • The results from the "Annual FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World" have arrived. The British voters counted the Buffy/Angel stars as follows: Alyson Hannigan (#91), Charisma Carpenter (#35) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (#3) -- more than Demi Moore (#96)! The only women to beat out Buffy were Britney Spears who was number two and Jennifer Lopez -- the year's ultimate favorite pick, at number one.

  • Amber Benson's new role will be in the movie "Hollywood PA", the first film to be broadcast on the web. Want to know what it's about?'s about a man who's always wanted to make a film or be a Jedi Knight (hey that's what the website says *g*) and right now the latter is looking like it's more likely to occur. Check out the official site HERE to find out more, show your support and win some great stuff!

  • Joss Whedon, the writer and director of the Buffy, and Angel series has also worked on Toy Story, Alien and many other films such as the movie blockbuster; X-Men. However he's not happy about the X-Men script. According to Empire Online, Joss Whedon discussed his role as script-doctor for the X-Men feature film.
    "They wanted me to punch up the last fight. I said, 'I think you've got a greater problem than that,' " explained the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "I didn't think the script was any good, so I did a major overhaul of the script. And yeah, I was the only real X-Men fan on the project that I know of."
    "The director threw it out…they went back to another version," Whedon continued. "A teeny bit of what I had written got in and I heard that more of it got in after the read-through. I don't know, but basically I was treated incredibly shabbily. Not by the director - in movies that's his prerogative. But I was just staggered by what I thought was a terrible decision - I actually got a copy of the script later and found out that they had thrown out the entire re-write I had done."
    X-Men wasn't the only upcoming blockbuster that Whedon was called in to work on. The creators of Titan A.E. hired him to fix the script. "I did a great thundering re-write on that, bigger than the one I did on X-Men and a lot more of that actually stayed in the film."
    Asked if he had seen either film, Whedon replied: "I've seen Titan, I haven't seen anything of X-Men - no-one is actually contractually or legally allowed to say the words X-Men to me in the workplace anymore…I've gotta see, I'm so curious to know. Every director has his vision, but I would not have given Halle Berry that hair."

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