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David Fury Chat

Our very own member WeirdArchives managed to pose some very interesting questions to Buffy writer David Fury in a chat that was scheduled on 4/19/00 by Raven of Fandom. The following is published thanks to Fandom (c) 2000, Raven and weirdarchives...Please visit Raven's site. It's one of the best on the web by far.

weirdarchives: What are your feelings about the present trend of the modern adaptations of Shakespeare, such as the upcoming version of HAMLET set in present day Wall Street?

davidf: I think the various approaches to the material keep it alive and fresh for modern audiences. They're pretty cool. And its not like the originals go away.

weirdarchives: Naturally. Would Sarah consider nude scenes if you wrote the script?

davidf: I think she'd consider firing my a** if I wrote her a nude scene. Sheas been a good sport about the ones we include in her love scenes, but she doesn't have to do it. So she wont. Can you blame her?

weirdarchives: What series are you hoping to free-lance for if given the chance, such as FARSCAPE or GOOD VS. EVIL or even LEXX. Id always wonder what a writer such as yourself or Joss would do with the characters on FARSCAPE.

davidf: Honestly, I've never seen any of those shows. Not sure Joss has either. Despite my BUFFY pedigree, I'm really more of a comedy writer. Buffy affords me the opportunity to do comedy, drama, romance, teen coming-of-age stuff, horror... All in one episode! I don't think there's another show on television that gives a writer that kind of playing field.

weirdarchives: A question about how a Buffy script is created: is there anything you and the guys do to help break the dreaded Writers Block and if the scripts a collaboration, who gets the top billing?

davidf: When a story's not readily breaking, Joss generally disbands us... No use killing ourselves if the juices aren't flowing. Sometimes he take us out to lunch, to get us away from the office... Hell even treat us to film matinees (we all saw SOUTH PARK in the middle of a Thursday afternoon)... Often, Joss will come in the next day with the answers to whatas blocking us. That's always a treat. As for billing? It goes by seniority of title. Supervising Producer before Producer, Co-Producer before Story Editor, etc. The titles go like this in ascending order: Staff Writer, Story Editor, Executive Story Editor, Co-Producer, Producer, Supervising Producer, Co-Executive Producer and Executive Producer.

weirdarchives: All right, I've always been wanting to ask this...Is Alyson that wild as she appears to be or is that like a front of sort?

davidf: Wild? Our sweet, innocent Aly? No comment.

weirdarchives: Any chance the Dark Willow will make a return? I have the feeling Alyson loves the Leather Corset.

davidf: Love to see her again. Were toying around with one story that would include her. Just have to wait and see. (And don't we all love the corset?)

weirdarchives: A question about the present season...are you disappointed on the fans` reaction to Adam? I was hoping Prof. Walsh would be the `Big Heavy` considering her background?

davidf: I understand the fans` reaction to Adam. He wasn't the charismatic bad guy weave come to expect on BUFFY. I personally had trouble writing him. But Adam is meant to represent cold science and technology, in the face of all the mystical mythology. In that way, I think he served his purpose. As far as Maggie... you may not have seen the last of her...

weirdarchives: Is there any insider gags you feel proud of, such as the Upside Down Chips?

davidf: I don't think any of us feel proud when we slip in inside jokes. There's always a sense of shame that were leaving everyone else out of the joke. Please forgive me, all of you.

weirdarchives: Are there any villains you wished were further explored? I kinda thought Mr. Trick should have survived well into Season 4.

davidf: There were great hopes for Mr. Trick, but the character just didn't seem to live up to its potential. Love to see Dru back, especially with Spike neutered. The First from AMENDS. And, hey, how bout those fish guys from GO FISH.

weirdarchives: About the vampire mythos...a friend of mine complained that the vamps could be recorded on video yet not reflect on mirrors. In the British series ULTRA VIOLET, the vamps couldn't even use telephones because their voices couldn't be carried electronically.

davidf: BUFFY`s vampire mythology serves the stories rather than the stories serving the mythology. They can be seen on video or in photos because we needed them to be seen to serve a particular story. We do, however, try to remain consistent.

weirdarchives: I heard Sarah once considered writing a Buffy script. Has any of the cast wanted to contribute?

davidf: Nicks expressed interest in directing. Haven't heard of any of the actors with a writing bug.

weirdarchives: Any comments about the present problem with eBay selling preview tapes? I smell lawsuit in the water.

davidf: I don't really have an opinion on the subject. Ill leave that to the lawyers.

davidf: Thanks, everybody. I always appreciate talking to fans of the show. You're the best. Take care and keep watching the skis. Um... skies. (yeah, I know, its from the SIMPSONS - I'm an unoriginal hack.)

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